Had It With Red Plum? You’re Not Alone

by Carter O’Brien, LEED AP O+M

In May of this year, a group of frustrated Logan Square and Avondale residents joined in a class action suit against the Chicago Tribune, alleging that unwanted deliveries of advertising mailers were both encouraging home invasions and were also a nuisance. Chicago Recycling Coalition board member Carter O’Brien was one of the two dozen plaintiffs, and the case was ultimately settled out of court.  The settlement reached included a contribution to the CRC. The Tribune also agreed to dedicate a staff member here in Chicago to handle stop deliveries of all unsolicited Chicago Tribune publications such as Hoy, RedPlum and Shop Local. 

The CRC is using the contribution to improve and maintain the CRC’s website and social media, and will list the Tribune stop delivery contact information.  That contact currently is Ron Buss, Operations Manager at the Chicago Tribune.  Ron will see that requests to stop these deliveries are executed immediately, his contact info is 312-222-2928 and his email is [email protected]

The advantage of listing this information publicly on the CRC website is that the Tribune is less likely to backslide, and should Mr. Buss be reassigned, the company reorganized, etc., the CRC pledges to keep the pressure on the Tribune to furnish a new contact to perform this service. 

Background information/media coverage can be found below.  Our thanks to Michael Miner at Chicago Reader and CBS2 Chicago for reporting on this issue, and even the Chicago Tribune, for doing its due diligence in reporting on the lawsuit in its own newspaper.

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