Chicago Educational Resources on Composting

If you feel the need of some professional assistance, the Garfield Park Conservatory Demonstration Garden is the best place to see working compost bins, including a large vermicomposting system.  The City of Chicago also offers composting workshops at North Park Village, where simple enclosure bins are available for a nominal fee. 

Web resources 

Cornell Composting. Cornell University’s Waste Management Institute provides academic expertise. 

God’s Gang, a community group started at the Robert Taylor Homes, has developed community gardening sites and sells vermicomposting start-up kits and worm castings as part of its fundraising efforts. includes sponsors of products of interest, including composting toilets. offers comprehensive references and message board.

MUSC Composting. The Medical University of South Carolina has information on both garden and worm composting, including step-by-step instructions on how to build your own worm bin. 

The New York City Compost Project.  What the Big Apple offers its citizenry.  Excellent step-by-step pictures. 

Seattle Public Utilities Composting. Seattle, Washington, is the pioneer in urban composting and the gold standard for municipal programs. is Mary Apelhof’s website, with information, bins, worms, and  ‘Amazing Video Clips.’